Surgical Table Refurbishing

Do you have a surgical table that you love but feel like it needs a tune-up? Is your budget not open to purchasing a new surgical c-arm yet you would like to squeeze more performance out of your existing system? Our equipment refurbishing program is perfect for you.

Equipped MD offers a unique program where you can send us your surgical table and we will fully refurbish it for you. Each refurbishing process can be custom-tailored to your individual needs and budget so that you can maximize the life of your medical device.

How It Works

Step 1: Send us an inquiry with details on the surgical table you would like to have refurbished (see form below).

Step 2: An Equipped MD representative will reach out to you and request additional details.

Step 3: We will provide a detailed quote for recommended services for your specific device.

Step 4: Accept the quote and ship us your equipment. Depending on the equipment, Equipped MD may provide a loaner system.

Step 5: Equipment is refurbished in-house and shipped back to you by a specific deadline.

Step 6: Enjoy your freshly refurbished equipment.

Get Started Today

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